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Harbor Lights Town Hall Meetings 2021
All meetings begin at 3:30 pm Hawaii time, except the Owners’ Meeting and the Annual Owners’ Meetings, which begin at 5 pm Hawaii time.

Town Hall: meetings are focused on the owners and residents at Harbor Lights.  The purpose is to update everyone on ongoing projects and to give owners and tenants a chance to ask questions and bring up topics. The meeting is led by Tommi Rose, the Harbor Lights Resident Manager. Board member attendance is optional, but at least one board member will be present at every meeting and available for questions. 3:30 pm Hawaii time.

Annual Owners Meeting:  Held every November, the purpose of this meeting is to elect the members of the Board of Directors. Tenants may attend but not speak.  November 18, 2021, 5 pm Hawaii time

Below is the link to all the information for the zoom links to each of the meetings as well as the meeting dates.



The Pool is Open!

The courtyard and pool are back open. Pool hours are from 9am to 6pm with the first and last hours reserved for adults. No more than 10 people in the pool at a timeensures that we can all keep our social distance. Children must be supervised by an adult.

Ballots are Coming!

Soon, all the owners will receive two ballots to vote onAmendments to our Bylaws with regards tothe smoking limitations and vacation rentals. Please mail back your completed ballot in a timely manner!


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Board Meeting Minutes

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